>Disaster recovery for sharepoint 2007

>I have recently been reading with interest some information on DR in sharepoint 2007, you can read a good post here.

I have to say, Joel Oleson is always worth reading.

My answer to this was to slightly modify my sharepoint 2003 DR scripts to work on 2007, not a huge task, not necesarily best practice but it works for me.

Send me a mail here if you would like a copy.

>Disaster recovery for sharepoint 2003

>As the whole world has not yet upgraded to sharepoint 2007, this may still be relevant to you.

I used to have a .vbs script to iterate my site collections in sp 2003 and issue a stsadm backup on each one, this used to backup the site collection and all subsites.

I regularly tested a restore scenario using stsadm restore and was satisfied that the site collection and all its subsites were correctly restored. This process has been in place since sp 2003 rtm’d. I have a pre sp2 environment where this is still the case.

Recently (I think post SP 2003 sp2) I had occasion to restore a site collection to retreive some files from a sub site, well, stsadm backup is still backing up the site collection and all subsites the backup file size is consistent with that, however, stsadm no longer restores the subsites, it only restores the top level site.

MS released an article relating to this phenomenon here, notice the para

‘The original, published version of the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit contains contradictory information about when you can use the Stsadm.exe tool to back up and to restore Windows SharePoint Services Web sites and personal sites.

I know other people have written workrounds for this however, they did not exactly suit my requirements, so I’ve written my own, feel free to take advantage.

You can get it by dropping me an email here.