>What you need to know about advice …

>In my last posting I passed on some advice I got from a collegue relating to december cumulative updates for SharePoint server 2007.

Well, you live and learn, following that advice caused some issues with subsequent updates in my case.

So the fact is, your mileage may vary. My mileage turned into a full restore from backup, re download the offending updates (now magically working as expected) re install and all is now well, moral, always back these things up before any major changes.

Thank god for Hyperv checkpoints.

>SharePoint December Cumulative updates

>Had an issue installing this, well a couple of issues actually;

State of Farm prior to December updates: Standalone install also server running Sql 2005

  • Moss 2007
  • SP1
  • Infrastruture update
  • 2 x Security patches (Pre August updates)
  • August updates (However version number did not increment – known ‘to whom’ issue I understand)

The first update (Wss) installs fine but on running the SharePoint configuration wizard, that fails with a nondescript error (States the upgrade failed but gives no reason)
This is annoying as the reason (in this case) actually is in the upgrade log file created by the wizard.

[SearchQFE23318DatabaseAction] [] [DEBUG] [12/21/2008 10:47:28 AM]: SearchQFE23318DatabaseAction.Upgrade: Upgrading MSSCrawlHistory table index on database WSS_Search_MossDev.

[SPSearchDatabaseSequence] [ERROR] [12/21/2008 10:47:28 AM]: Action of Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPSearchDatabaseSequence failed.

Or something simmilar in your case.

Fortunately for me we have an MVP on staff and he suggested a resolution to me, which seems to do the trick nicely. Thanks Ben.

Here goes, may or may not work for you.

In Central admin -> operations -> Services on server, disable the search services – both of them

  • Office SharePoint Server Search
  • Windows SharePoint Services Help Search

Confirm / Ensure these services are stopped in windows services

  • Windows SharePoint services Timer
  • office SharePoint server search
  • Windows SharePoint Services Search

Re run the configuration wizard – should now succeed
Re configure the search services back in central admin
You will need to re associate a index server with your SSP
You may need to issue an IISRESET before this finally works

Subsequant install and Config wizard for Moss worked without a hitch.

Second issue:
Although the SharePoint team blog states:

“The version of content databases should be after successfully applying these updates.”

I found it to be Apparently, another known ‘to whom’ issue 🙂