SharePoint on-line : simple 2013 workflow to send an email

Struggled for a while with this.

  • Download latest SharePoint designer 2013 (some early releases were buggy I am told)
  • Apply any SharePoint designer updates (Had an issue with designer not able to load visio)
  • Make sure the “Acount” Designer is using is your 0n-line account not your desktop account
  • Connect to an site collection (Not your admin site collection :-))
  • Enable site feature “Workflows can use app permissions”
  • Grant app permissions in your site collection see this (
  • Create a (in my case) site workflow
  • Add an app step
  • Inside the app step Include a send email action, send it to yourself
  • Publish the workflow
  • Go to site settings -> Site content -> site workflows
  • Execute your workflow
  • Check your inbox of the email address specified in your Profile

That’s all folks.


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