SharePoint 2013 Managed Metadata Service – Issue

This may happen to you, if it does this may help.

Deployed March public update to my farm, this caused the Managed Metadata service to not be able to connect from either central admin or a site collection site settings pages.

It claimed the service not running or app pool not started see your administrator, message in a red square box on termstore management pages ….

Now this is all working fine prior to March PU (I know it is true, I have check points I revert to and check) so this is very odd.

Well, you could just delete the MMS and re create your term stores manually ? well, no, some internal stuff in SharePoint used the unique id of terms and termsets internally, if you delete and recreate the MMS the terms and termsets will have new id’s so the internal plumbing will break.

So, in my case the PowerShell commands;


Still allowed me to access the MMS data (Really odd ?????) even though the SharePoint UI would not.


  • Export the MMS to file, on the app server
  • e.g Export-SPMetadataWebServicePartitionData -Identity “” -Path “c:\software\” -ServiceProxy “Managed metadata service”
  • Delete the original MMS (Include data) in central admin
  • Recreate MMS with exactly same names and app pool in central admin
  • Copy exported CAB file to a share on the SQL box
  • Run the import on the app server
  • e.g. Import-SPMetadataWebServicePartitionData -Identity” -Path “c:\software\” -ServiceProxy “Managed metadata service” -OverwriteExisting:$true

Chances are the import will fail, Make sure MMS service account has BULK ADMIN rights in SQL and in a multi server farm you must put the export file on your SQL box in a shared (everyone full control) folder, and on the app server refer to it via UNC in the import command.

Happy days, Metadata is back and seems internally to be good as new.