SharePoint 2013 – Workflow – FBA – Journey (on-prem)

If you are getting these ­čÖé

Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled in less than one minute. Details of last request: HTTP Unauthorized to

You may need this

Setting up SharePoint 2013 workflow is documented all over the internet, not all on one page though ­čÖé

This is how I got it all to work

Start here

  • Follow┬áreligiously┬áthis set of videos
  • Once configured enable site feature ‘WorkflowServiceStore’ use powershell Enable-SPFeature WorkflowServiceStore -Url http://yoursite
  • Now in the UI activate feature on your site ‘workflow can use app permissions’
  • Now grant full control to workflow ‘workflow’
  • wrap any steps of your workflow which fail for prmission related stuff in an “App step”

Simple eh ?

I guess we owe this complexity to SharePoint online and Office 365 (The future don’t you know)

Managed metadata service – not permissions

Well, this is a good one

Can access Managed metadata service in Central admin -> Manage service apps but not from the site itself.

Try this

Set the app pool for the site temporarily to run as the Farm account
Load site term store manager, it should now load
now …
Switch the site app pool back to SPAppPool or whatever it was
Load site term store manager, it should still load

My explanation is, Black magic and voodoo ­čÖé