BT Homehub 3A and Port Forwarding

Recently went over to the dark side and switched my broadband provider from Virgin Media to BT.

To cut a long story short (bad that they failed to get the installation right first time, applause for the customer service to put it right afterwards.  Could be easier to find a way to get in touch by email off the web site, big kudos for the support girl who called me on Sunday morning to ask if it was all sorted now.)

So port forwarding on the bt home hub 3A, at first glance seems not to work.  It goes like this.  you plug in the hh3A and your devices will request an ip address at their next reboot or renewal, either way, the hh3A assigns each device an ip address from its own address pool.

At the same time (and this is the issue) it gathers the name of the devices and records them internally so you have an easy time deciding which is which.

Now when you configure the port forwarding, the device names are what you use to decide what traffic goes to each device.

At this stage port forwarding is all set up, it fails to forward any traffic though, perhaps because it cannot resolve the device names that it assigned earlier.

For me the fix was to rename each device inside the hh3A to be it’s IP address, I also made the ip address allocations static so each device will keep the ip address I have assigned for all time.

So, port forwarding on hh3A does work, just need a little effort.