>SharePoint Content pushdown

>This is a bit of a challenge.
Create and deploy a content type to Moss, lets say a “person” content type. Which consists of a couple of columns, Name and Address.

Then later you decide you need “phone number” …..

Simple, add an additional site column and re deploy the feature.

This is fine for any new “Person” you create, however all your existing “Person” will not allow you to add the “Phone number”

Enter the need for Content type push down.

Simple, go into site settings and manage site content types, click “propagate down” and all is well.

Unless you do scripted deployments that is.

So along comes Søren Nielsen and Gary Lapointe with a nice stsadm command to fix this issue for us.

For me though their solution has a couple of issues.
It seems to mix up display and internal name, causes me to lose (Hide) content, this is bad
It dosent “Seem” to fix up “list column title” which it may have messed up in the “List content type”

So if you have lost content by using “propagate content type changes” you are not alone, and if like me yours is just hidded by Gary’s issues, you can get it back.

I wont post the code here as its quite large and work in progress.

Drop me a mail if you are suffering from this and I’ll let you have the code. (At your own risk of course 🙂 )