>Scripted WinNT user creation

>Well, I seem to spend most of my life these days building some new virtual environment to develop against MOSS (Biztalk is a distant memory, I understand thats all about to change though)

I nearly always need to create some degree of system accounts to have my build comply with best practice, very tedious in MOSS as you need quite a few system accounts.

I came up with this script which I use to automate the account creation process in a predictable repeatable way

This flavour works with WinNT provider on windows server 2003 and XP, it will run on a Vista box if you choose to ‘run as administrator’

So, edit the createWinNTusers.vbs file to specify the name of the computer, the name of a single group the names of the users you want to create and the password they will all share, then

Usage is :-
cscript createWinNTusers.vbs [create clean]

The create parameter causes users to be created along with a group to contain them.
The clean parameter causes the users and group to be deleted.

Hope someone finds it usefull.